Origami Document Folder

Posted on August 1, 2023
Tags: madeof:atoms

A pink origami holder for business cards, open, with two triangular
pockets. The cards in it are pope cards and a Debian
“consensually” name card.

A long time ago, around the turn of the century, I was looking at some Useful Origami website and found a pattern for a document folder with a lot of pockets.

The same holder, seen from the top: it also has rectangular
pockets on the covers, and there is even room in the middle for
moar contents.

And by a lot of pockets I really mean a lot! I immediately had to fold one, and then another one, and then a few others, both in a size suitable for business cards and as a folder for A4 sheets of paper.

A document folder in the same shape, but it's white, bigger,
and it has an envelope in one pocket and some stationery sheets
in the other pocket.

And then, a few years ago I needed a new document folder, and looked for these instructions, and couldn’t find them anywhere. Luckily I still had some of the folders I had made, and the model was simple enough that I could unfold those and reconstruct the instructions.

I tried to show them around to see if anybody knew where it came from, but had no results.

An origami schematic; see the link below for text instructions.

Now that I’ve prepared a new website for patterns for non-fiber crafts (and that I needed a new folder :D ) I’ve decided to post those instructions on it, so that they will have a stable place to live on.

And now that the #origami crowd on the fediverse has grown, maybe somebody will stumble on them and will remember where they come from: if you do, please let me know, with a comment if you’re reading this on the fediverse, or through one of my contacts if you’re reading the blog directly.