Hello World!

Posted on January 29, 2023
Tags: meta, madeof:bits

Welcome to my new blog!

Or rather, strictly speaking, welcome to my first blog!

Back when everybody had a blog, I had an old-fashioned personal website where pages were organized by topic rather than by date, so now that blogs are dead (or so they say), I guess it’s time for me to have one :) .

The old website is still online, but updating it is getting harder, both for organizational reasons and because the static generator I’ve used is no longer supported and requires python 2; lately I’ve started publish some specific categories of material such as sewing patterns into their own website (you can find a list in the about page), but I was missing a place to post about the history and experiences of the things I publish elsewhere, as well as more uncategorized things.

Of course I’ve chosen to use a static site generator, but since I’m picky I’ve discarded most of the common ones mostly because they enforce assumptions I don’t agree with.

On the other hand, one day I wouldn’t mind learning a bit of Haskell, so I decided to look for trouble and use Hakyll, hoping that nobody will add a level 20 wandering monster to it.

Right now I’m using mostly the default theme, because I know that if I start fiddling with it I’m not going to start posting content ever; maybe one day I’ll decide to completely change the look.

As for contents, on the bits side of things you can expect me to talk about Debian, the Fediverse, Python, my inventory manging program and a bit of arduino-level electronics; on the atom side you should definitely expect sewing, modern and mostly historically inspired, some fiber crafts (spinning, knitting, crochet), maybe some bad attempts at painting (watercolours and acrilics), printing (screen and linocut), things that are written on paper and, well, any other craft I will happen to collect.

Before the blog gets too full I plan to add tag management to help people who are only interested in some of these contents.

This being a blog, of course it has an atom feed you can add to your favourite (and ideally self-hosted) rss reader, and since this is a personal blog there will be no periodicity, posts will happen when I’ll have something to say on some topic.

Until next time