Banners and Signs

Posted on September 8, 2023
Tags: madeof:atoms, madeof:bits

I forgot to write down the details back when it happened, but now that the surprise has been delivered I can write about it.

A triangular fabric banner, black with a reflective grey
border, and a penguin outline where part of the outline is in
the shape of Lake Como screenprinted in white and light blue.

Some time ago, I decided to make a small banner with the GL-Como penguin for a friend, because reasons.

However, this friend has a big problem, he, well, is from Pisa (no, I’m not from Leghorn, why do you ask?), and I had a screen printing kit, openclipart and no inhibitions.

Three fabric banners: one is the one mentioned above, two are
square with a yellow corded border, a yellow triangle and a
tower of Pisa in black in the middle. The yellow triangles
aren't perfectly flat yellow, but somewhat ruined, one more
than the other.

So, with the encouragement of a few friends who were in the secret, this happened. In two copies, because the first attempt at the print had issues.

And yesterday we finally met that friend again, gave him all of the banners, and no violence happened, but he liked them :D

An ISO 7071-style triangle warning sign with a simplified tower
of Pisa in black on yellow background.

If somebody is interested, the source image I used is on openclipart, with links to all of the sources I’ve used.

I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but when I was working on the Pisani sign I also stumbled on the “no dogs” sign and decided that the world needed a “mandatory cat” sign, and well, here is the full set (all images are a link to the openclipart page).

ISO 7071 “no dogs” sign, a black dog on white background with a
red circle with a diagonal line.

ISO 7071-style “mandatory cats” sign, a white cat on blue
circle background.

ISO 7071-style “mandatory dogs” sign, a white dog on blue
circle background.

ISO 7071-style “no cats”, a black cat on white background with
a red circle with a diagonal line.