PDF planners 2024

Posted on November 22, 2023
Tags: madeof:atoms, madeof:bits

A few years ago I wrote a bit of code to generate a custom printable planner, precisely to my taste. And then I showed the result to other people, and added a few variants for their own tastes.

And I’ve just generated the first 2024 file (yes, this year I’m late with the printing and binding), and realized that it may be worth posting all the variants on this blog, in case somebody else is interested in using them.

The files with -book in the name have been imposed on A4 paper for a 16 pages signature. All of the fonts have been converted to paths, for ease of printing (yes, this means that customizing the font requires running the script, sorry).

A few planners in English:

The same planners, in Italian:

And finally a monthly planner with ephemerids for the town of Como (I mean, everybody everywhere needs one of those, right?); here the --book files are impressed for a 3 sheet (12 pages) signature.

I hereby release all the PDFs linked in this blog post under the CC0 license.

I’ve just realized that the git repository linked above does not have licensing information, but I’m not sure what’s the right thing to do, since it’s mostly a dump of unsupported works-for-me code, but if you need it for something (that is compatible with its unsupported status) other than running it for personal use (for which afaik there is an implicit license) let me know and I’ll push “decide on a license” higher on the stack of things to do :D